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Your Quick Guide To Traveling The World

Holidays have changed massively over the years – once upon a time, we didn’t venture further afield than Spain, and if you were brave enough to go somewhere further, like Greece, you were adventurous!

Today we realise the world is a small place indeed, and with so many amazing sights to see and experiences to be had, exploration is not only expected, but it’s also hugely beneficial.


Can you imagine going through life and never seeing a paradise beach? Or desperately wanting to go to Rome and see the Vatican City, but never daring to go?

These days, budget airlines and cheaper holidays overall make travel easier and doesn’t hit the pocket quite so hard.

A fantastic way to see many different places in the space of a week or two is to book a cruise. Again, once upon a time, cruises used to be for the rich or older generations, but these days many companies are offering cruise-liners with enough facilities to mean you don’t even have to set foot on solid land if you don’t want to!

Cruises tend to set sail from popular cities, such as Barcelona, Venice or even Southampton if you’re heading transatlantic, and this is a great opportunity to do a two-centre type of holiday, with a few days in a cosmopolitan city, before setting sail on your itinerary. Of course, Caribbean cruises offer even more opportunity, with a few days in Miami, or even a week in Florida! The options are endless.

Budget flights make cruises even cheaper, and with added extras to not only cut costs even further, but add in convenience and cut down on stress, your holiday begins in the best possible way, and without trauma and upset, as travel can often bring!

These days, whenever I book a flight, I immediately pre-book my car’s little holiday too, and by that I mean airport parking.

Travelling to the terminal in my own car, at my own pace, means my stress levels are much lower by the time I arrive, and I know the control is completely in my hands. It’s not that I’m a control freak you understand, I just like to know I’m going to get to where I need to be, in plenty of time!

I recently booked Birmingham Airport parking, and the deal I got, not to mention the level of service, was second to none. I would highly recommend this extra for anyone able to drive themselves to the airport, and there is a service available at most large UK airports, such as the great facilities for Luton Airport parking too.

With your travel plans sorted, you’re free to truly appreciate everything a cruise holiday can bring. Whether you choose to explore your ship fully, or spend more time focusing on your itinerary, it truly is up to you.

A good tip is to pre-plan your excursions before you go, as trips purchased on-board are often a lot more expensive than you can find locally. Of course this comes with an element of risk, so be sure to pick a reputable company, but at most frequent cruise stops, you’ll find range of vendors offering cut-price excursions. If you’re booking for a group, you may also find you save even more money. A little research and planning goes a long way!

Cruising truly offers an alternative way to enjoy your time away, and with complete flexibility. This is a multi-centre break that will certainly be one to remember for the countless amazing sights you’ll see, all crammed into such a short space of time.

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