Your Guide to Traveling Australia

Visiting Australia is a life-changing experience for anyone, it will be something that stays with you forever and catches many amazing memories to cherish all your life.

When you are planning your trip to Australia, it is important to ensure that you pack in as much as you possibly can, to be sure that you have got the best value out of your trip – and it’s not as though it’s on your back doorstep to visit again in a hurry!


So lucky for you, we’ve devised our top five things to do in Australia: 

Crocosaurus Cove 

If you want to take the kids out for a day they’re not going to forget in a hurry, then Crocosaurus Cove should be your first port of call. Located in Darwin, you can get up close and personal with some real life crocs – without having to go travelling into the dangerous outback. Reasonably priced, this is definitely a trip for all the family – just make sure you keep an eye on your children at all times – this place can get a little hectic! Make sure you check the prices online before visiting; you can save a fortune by planning in advance instead of buying on the day. 


The Grampians National Park

If you’re going to be travelling near Victoria BC, be sure to pencil this amazing national park into your itinerary. Located at the official end of the Great Ocean Road, this is the perfect place to let off some steam: let the kids run riot around the 1,672km² grounds – great for tiring out giddy kippers before an early night (good tip if you’ve got to be up early the next day for a new adventure). Here you can find some of the richest rock art sites in Australia and, even better, it’s all free to view and explore!


The Great Barrier Reef

Do we really need to explain this one at all? Everybody needs to see the Great Barrier Reef at some stage in their life – it is truly a purely beautiful site and completely synonymous with a trip to Australia – if you visit without checking out this gem, you might need your head checking! Whilst we obviously can’t expect you to check it out in its entirety, the best place according to locals has to be Whitsunday Islands. If you’re really keen, plan a 2-3 day trip of touring the area. 

Daintree Rainforest

Going to be heading anywhere near Queensland on your Australian voyage? If so, be sure to check out this rainforest – truly an eye-opening experience for anyone who hasn’t previously experienced the natural beauty of such a site. If you want to find up to 65% of Australia’s butterfly and bat breeds in one place: this is the place for you. 


Melbourne Winery Tours

Travelling without the kids? Take the night out of your extensive travelling plans and kick back with a wine tour in gorgeous Melbourne. Make sure you look up deals online before visiting – these tours often need planning in advance and you can save a small fortune this way.

If you’re lucky for further Australia tips, how to get there, what to do, etc. you could do worse than visit these sites I’ve found:

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