Wild Outdoors: JustFly Guide To Finding Thrills In The Canadian Outdoors

Canada is a country filled with many natural wonders. From massive mountains, crystal clear lakes, and overwhelmingly huge forests, there are almost unlimited options when it comes to seeing some natural beauty in the Great White North. But, what can make this even more impressive is the crazy stuff we come up with that utilizes this natural goodness.


While some are satisfied taking a lovely hike, others want to race a mountain bike down the side of a mountain. Likewise, while some pack a picnic, others pack mountain climbing gear. I decided I wanted to discover some Canada’s coolest outdoor adventure activities. To find out, I asked JustFly, an online travel agency, what some of the craziest activities they’ve heard of in Canada are. They gave me their top three.

Horne Lake Caves Rappel Expedition – Horne Lake, British Columbia

While there are several places across Canada where you can explore caves, there are few that allow you to extensive rappel and explore them. While we aren’t all natural born spelunkers, this is an experience you have to take part in. The best place to do this is on Vancouver Island at Horne Lakes. The five hour expedition within the Riverbend Caves requires you to sign waivers and have some experience with rappelling equipment. According to JustFly’s review, this trip is only offered a few months out of the year, so plan ahead if you are up for the challenge.

WinSport Summer Bobsleigh – Calgary, Alberta

The Olympics are the ultimate test of one’s abilities. It should come as no surprise that trying your hand at one of the Olympic’s most harrowing events ranks high on JustFly’s list. The WinSport Summer Bobsleigh experience puts you inside a bobsled, and takes you on a downhill ride where you’ll reach a maximum speed of 85 kilometres and experience two Gs of force. While the pilot does do the driving, it will still be an experience you’ll never forget as you scream around the corners of this Olympic Bobsleigh track.

WildPlay Element Park Bungy Jump – Nanaimo, British Columbia

I shouldn’t have to tell you how terrifying bungy jumping is. If you are comfortable jumping off a ledge and living to tell the tale then the best place to go is to WildPlay in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This 150 foot plunge drops you down towards the Nanaimo River, giving you a great view as you take the plunge.

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