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Weekend trip to Copenhagen – a quick guide

Copenhagen is one of the most exciting and beautiful northern capitals in Europe, making it a perfect weekend destination for Europeans to enjoy good food, sights and shopping some of that Danish design that Denmark has become so famous for.

Here is a quick  practical guide to a weekend trip to Copenhagen…

How to get there

Copenhagen is very easily accessible, both by train, bus and plane. The train station is located in the middle of the city and is a connection point to many of its neighbouring countries, meaning a lot of trains go through here from all over Europe. The same goes for buses, and even if many of their buses merely stop on the side of the road next to the train station, they arrive and depart very frequently. Nettbus connects Copenhagen with Scandinavia, and you can travel all the way to and from Oslo directly. Flixbus offers cheap fares from Copenhagen to Germany, Berlin being among the many hot spots. The easiest way to get there for most people however is by plane, and the airport is not only nearby but also a travel hub, which means a lot of planes depart and arrive there.

Where to stay

Copenhagen offers everything from small boutique hotels to large international hotel chains, hostels and of course Airbnb apartments as well. We’ve stayed in a bunch of different places, and one of our favourite picks for both comfort, price, location and social vibes is Generator hostels.

Where to eat

I’ve written a whole guide to vegan friendly places in Copenhagen that I highly recommend you check out here, regardless if you’re vegan or not. Copenhagen has a lot of different cuisines to offer, and even if you might want to try their traditional cuisine, don’t stare yourself blind at their open faces sandwiches when the falafel places in Norrebro are just as good if not even better!

How to get around

Even though Copenhagen is a walking-friendly city, it’s still very big, so if you have a limited time there I’d recommend you rent a bike for the day to get around faster. Renting a bike only costs around €10 for a whole day, which is cheaper than the public transport, and allows you to soak up more of the city and its sights.

What to do

My favourite thing to do in Copenhagen is to simply walk the streets and soak up the atmosphere. Doing some shopping on Ströget and its connecting side streets is definitely a must, and when you’re ready to grab a bite to eat you can either check out the Street Food Copenhagen market which is open from Thursday through Sunday, or go to Norrebro to eat at one of the many ethnic diners. Another must is to visit Nyhavn with its quaint colorful houses by the harbor.

I’ve written a more detailed guide on things to do in Copenhagen here.

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