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Your vegan guide to Oslo

Oslo is not a cheap place to visit, and usually I tend to stay in apartments with a kitchen so I can cook my own food. There are some really good ethnic shops and veggie shops where you can buy food for some very reasonable prices.

But it’s also worth visiting at least a few of the vegan friendly restaurants when you visit, and here are some of my favourites…

Funky Fresh Foods

This was one of my favourite places in Oslo, the food was tasty and well made, the cafe was modern yet comfy, and their raw desserts were amazing. Definitely a good place to visit for lunch!


I never had the opportunity to try this one out myself as it opened just a month after I was there, but I’ve heard so many great things about it that I thought I had to share it anyway.

The Kasbah

This place is not a vegan restaurant, but it does offer some good vegan alternatives, and all vegan dishes are clearly marked with VV. Gluten free is marked with G, and vegetarian with V. Some of the vegan options include hummus, falafel, couscous, and salads. Also, the prices are quite fair for being Norway.

The Fragrance of the Heart

A great coffee shop and vegetarian cafe serving a variety of vegan dishes, coffee, and beverages. The food changes a bit but some of the things you can enjoy are sweet potato pie, curry, veggie wrap, pad thai, and of course sweets! The only minus is the atmosphere which isn’t all that cozy.

Loving Hut

I first discovered the Loving Hut vegan food chain in Prague and loved the food there. This place is very similar, offering good Asian style cuisine for a reasonable price (for being Norway at least). You won’t be short of options as the menu is long, almost too long in my opinion, but it’s a good place to visit.

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