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Traveling By Car In Luxury

Modern travelling doesn’t have to mean donning a tattered pair of shorts, slinging a rucksack over your shoulder and forgetting to shave for a month. It doesn’t have to mean sleepless nights on a rock hard hotel bed or hoping to heaven that the child on the seat behind you on the bus isn’t sick down the back of your neck.

Instead, make your experience a pleasurable one instead of an ordeal or an exercise in self-flagellation. If you want to see the world in comfort, then do so.

Think of Sean Connery, roof down, gliding down the smooth roads of the Swiss Alps. Think of David Attenborough, presenting a piece to camera in the middle of the Serengeti yet resplendent in a crisp shirt and perfectly creased trousers. Think of Alan Whicker, the man who could visit any tropical climate and not drop a bead of sweat.

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If that is your kind of travel, then the Mercedes CLA is the car for you. With a muscular body, a sleek exterior, like a coiled panther, the CLA’s beauty does not hint at the power that lies within. However, the ferocity of the car’s four-cylinder engine gives the car exactly that – power.

Whether you want to ramp up the speed on those vast American highways, succeed over difficult terrain in more challenging circumstance or take hairpin bends in the Andes, this engine has the capability to jump any hurdle.

The CLA also gives you the latest in technological advancement, so that you don’t have to compromise on the modern innovations that you have become used to when on the road.

Typical on-board technology such as the COMAND Online system, Active Park Assist, DAB radio and a surround sound system keep the car as high-tech as that of James Bond. This model is also terrifically spacious, meaning that you have plenty of room for children, friends, extra luggage or perhaps particularly sizeable souvenirs!

Regardless of the way in which you like to travel, the CLA is the car of choice for all those who enjoy pushing the boundaries and exploring the world.

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