Top 5 Adventurous Activities in and Around Khao Lak

Khao Lak is a collection of small villages that lies just 80km to the north of Phuket, and is now one of the top holiday destinations in Thailand. It tends to have a somewhat quieter and more relaxed vibe than other parts of Thailand but in fact is packed full of adventure activities for visitors to try.

Here are five of the best…

Scuba Diving Trips to the Similian Islands

The Similian Islands are a national park situated just off the south coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Several companies offer trips to the islands, which can either be day excursions or last for two, three or four days. During this time you can choose to train as a SCUBA diver or you can opt to stick to snorkelling, which requires no formal training.


The diving in the Similian Islands is some of the best in the world because of the clear blue seas and fascinating wildlife. If you only do one activity on your Khao Lak holidays, choose this underwater Thai adventure.

Go Surfing

Khao Lak is rapidly developing into one of South-East Asia’s best surfing destinations. The ideal time to go is in the wet season, which is from May to October. Parts of the coast offer some amazing, long-lasting waves, but it is important to arrange your surfing through one of the local providers so that you can avoid any areas with dangerous rip currents.

Visit Khao Sok National Park

The stunning Khao Sok National Park is just a short drive from Khao Lak and offers a wide variety of adventure activities such as river rafting, canoeing, waterfalls and trekking.

You could go it alone but it is probably best to go on an organised trip to the park as you will be provided with all the equipment that you need in order to make the most of this amazing experience.


Elephant Trekking

Khao Lak holidays are never complete without a spot of elephant trekking. It is available close to Khao Lak beach and in nearby Khao Sok and Sairung. Most treks are through the local rain forest and they tend to stop and explore several waterfalls on the way. Elephant trekking is a unique and safe way to explore the sights and wildlife of Thailand’s pristine rain forest.

Try Thai Boxing

Thai boxing is Thailand’s national sport and is great fun as well as an exhausting workout. There are a few different providers in the Khao Lak area, most of which are set up for tourists and will have English-speaking instructors.

Tom Barnes is currently training as a PADI Diving Instructor in Thailand, while maintaining his own travel blog and contributing guest posts to a number of sites.

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    July 9, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Hi EarlI went to Kuta quite a long while back, in September 2002, shortly befroe the bombings.I had only just graduated from university and it was my first long-distance backpacking trip, but even then Kuta was already something of a blight on what was an otherwise beautiful island. I had travelled across Java and into Bali so it was even more of culture shock when I arrived.At that time I don’t recall any of those irritating bumper stickers or quite so many cocktails. However there were a very, very large number of ridiculously loud, absurdly drunken and offensive visitors, and a surprising number of Western chain restaurants.Rather fittingly, when I woke up in the taxi coming into Kuta the first building I saw was a McDonalds with more Westerners outside it than I had seen in the previous three weeks combined.I was just 21, liked a drink and was keen to have fun. But despite that and even with limited travel experience Kuta just felt embarrassing. Or rather I felt embarassed being associated with a lot of the tourists around. I planned to stay a week but ended up leaving after two nights.Not much of a surprise that a decade on it is even worse.P.S. On a more upbeat tone great site btw!

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    Khao Lak Explorer
    July 13, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Great blog post about what to do in Khao Lak, have done 4 of those activities and it was fabulous. Khao Lak is great for beaches, Thai food and nature.

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