Tips on creating a budget for Australian travel

Depending on your country of origin, travelling to Australia may be quite expensive. Currency exchange rate is a top factor here; with the rate changing by the day, it is essential that your bank balance is able to adapt.

But with wise budgeting techniques, this adventure-packed Oz trip is highly possible. Here are some tips to help you make the safest travel budget in Australia:


When starting to plan your perfect dream trip to Australia you want to determine the places you want to visit first.  This will help you decide which international airport you will need to fly in to when you travel.

With, so many beautiful places to visit in Australia including a roster of beaches, several beautiful heritage sites, and adventure spots the options are endless.

The top tourist destinations in Australia are Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Gold Coast – if you are more interested in staying near the beach, you can use Expedia’s travel guide to Gold Coast to book your accommodations and get ready to relax and soak up the sun.

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One tip: pick some most hyped places—Sydney Opera House, Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road, etc.—and go more to less hyped ones, such as the Central Coast, Myall Lakes, and Royal National Park. Aside from keeping you off from the huge crowd, this choice will allow you to enjoy the sites more.


Research on the internet about the daily expenses for a traveller; typing “daily expense + Australia (or any specific place)” will give you more targeted results. Daily expenses include food, hotel, transportation, accommodation, internet connection, and other fees that may come along. Save some by going to places that offer free connectivity, taking up an affordable accommodation package or hiring a car for your entire trip.

Pre-trip preparations

Preparations prior to the trip set the scene for the entire trip to Australia, so ensure that everything has been taken care of: visas, insurance, gear, vaccinations, etc.

There are health insurance marketplaces for Americans where you can browse and find the best health insurance to suit your needs and trip. Keep in mind that if you will be doing adventure sports like bungee jumping and sky-diving (both which are very popular in Australia), pick a travel insurance that covers it, because many of the default ones don’t!

If you are worrying about being short of money during your trip, consider applying for a working holiday visa instead of an Australian visitor visa; the former allows engaging in employment for a limited time period in order for you to supplement your travel funds.

If you are only able to acquire the latter, ensure that you are aware of its conditions. Tip: With visa fraud prevalent these days, apply for your Australian visa with a trusted migration firm like National Visas. The company will assist you through and through, ensuring that you are well informed before arriving in Australia.

Better choices

Since you are on a budget, think twice when making purchases and taking up offers. There are ways to be sufficient without being too cheap. Try travelling to Australia during winter (summer in the United States) since airfares are more affordable. Choose suburbs rather than cities for their cheaper accommodation rates.

Drive a rented car instead of hiring a guided tour (best for outback trips) or take the interconnected trains to get around; if you choose a guided tour and you are lucky, you might get useful tips on the best places and good accommodation in the cities or states you visit.

Prepare a List

Australia is both a continent and a country, so it is likely that you will be back if you have not planned for a year-round trip. There are just a lot of places to see and tons of things to do which will take more time than your visitor visa will allow.

Hence, list down every day-to-day expenses; you can use this to prepare for your next trip and make comparisons. Do not forget to talk to the locals and settled migrants to glean some worthy advice.

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