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Things to do in Copenhagen

There are a ton of things to do in Copenhagen, and the city is definitely one that deserves to be among the places you visit on your Europe trip, or even as a weekend getaway.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Copenhagen, both on day trips, weekend stays and even lived there for a few months.

These are some of my favourite things to do in Copenhagen…

Street food Copenhagen

Sure, Copenhagen is home to the world’s most famous restaurant Noma, but if you – like most of us – didn’t book a table reservation there six months prior to your trip, don’t worry – there is a great place just around the corner that foodies will LOVE! The place is called Street food Copenhagen and is a large building packed with stalls serving up food from cuisines all over the world. Whether you’re cravings for artisan Italian pizza or Korean bbq, you will be sure to find here.

Street food Copenhagen is open every day from 12 pm.


Ströget is the longest shopping street in Europe, and along the wide street you’ll find everything from H&M to Prada stores and everything in between. But don’t forget to check out the many side streets where you’ll find more unique (and fewer chains) boutiques and shops.


This beautiful little harbor is one of the most picturesque in Copenhagen, with colorful old buildings, cobbled streets and old sailing boats. A trip to Copenhagen simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit (and a selfie) at Nyhavn.


Norrebro is Copenhagen’s cultural hotspot, and is an up and coming are that has become very hip among younger crowds. In between the hundreds of falafel and shawarma places you will also find some great bars, cafes and restaurants.

Rent a bike

Copenhagen’s aim is to become the bike capital of the world, and many would argue that biking almost seems more common and popular here than in Amsterdam!

Biking is also made very easy, with large bike lanes and new bikini lanes planned out all over the city. Besides, there is no better way to explore a city in a short amount of time than on a bike!

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