Spending A Day In Venice, Italy

Venice is perhaps one of the most famous and most beautiful cities in Italy, and every year millions of tourists come to walk the narrow streets on the “city on water”, take boat rides along the canals and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Now with the large number of visitors you would think that Venice is all but relaxed, but you would be surprised to find just how easy it is to get away from the busy areas and find yourself alone in a neighborhood, with the only sound you could hear being the water smashing against the boats on the canal.


Here are the perfect tips to make sure you map the most of a day in Venice.

Get Up Early:

The earlier, the better, in my opinion. Before 10 am, the streets are quieter, and in summer time, the weather is still mild and nice.

8 am or earlier is actually perfect, especially if you plan on eating breakfast out.

Visit a Mask Maker

One of the most famous souvenirs to bring home from a trip to Venice is a Venetian mask.

You’ll see a lot of fake china masks on the stalls lining the streets. Don’t bother about those, they’re just fake, cheap souvenirs.

Instead, visit a real mask maker who makes the Venetian masks from scratch with papier marché.

One mask takes several days to finish, and every mask is carefully made by hand from the best mask makers in the city. There are not many of them left anymore, but there are a few – Tragicoma for example.

Visit the Piazza Square

On and around St Mark Square you’ll find historical cafes and buildings, all famous for their wonderful architecture and fascinating past.

You have the Bell Tower of St Mark, which provides a stunning view over the city and harbor, the clock tower with its astronomical clock, and Dodge’s palace, which also served as Casanova’s jail…

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