Six Reasons Why New York Is the Best City in the World

New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The city is constantly changing and is always active and alive – the people who live in New York take great pride in city and the smaller neighbourhoods in each borough – there are three clear reasons why New York is the best city in the world.

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The Diverse Boroughs


Brooklyn is larger than Manhattan and has both residential and commercial areas – it has museums, gardens, sculptures and neighbourhoods with strong cultural ties. The Bronx has history and is home to the Bronx Zoo and Yankee Stadium.

Queens is a large borough as well. It has museums, ethnic markets and even a golf course. Visitors to Queens will find beaches like Rockaway. A short ferry ride will take people to Staten Island that has some fun restaurants and attractions in an area that feels slightly rural when compared to Manhattan or the Bronx.

Diverse Landscape

One of the main reasons why New York is the best city in the world is because it is so diverse and varied. The five boroughs each have a distinctly different feeling for people living in the city and people visiting the area.

Midtown Manhattan is full of amazing skyscrapers, busy streets and amazing restaurants. The downtown area below 14th Street contains galleries, boutique shops and friendly cafes. Uptown has Riverside Park on the west and museums on the east.

Always Something to Do


Another reason New York City is the greatest city in the world is because there is always something to do.

The many theatres along Broadway and in off-Broadway locations like the East and West Village are always showing new productions featuring prominent actors. The many music venues, bars and clubs have live bands every week and especially on weekends.

The streets of New York turn into massive multi-block street fairs and celebrations that feature unique food stands, discount items and live music in certain instances.

The Museum Mile on the Upper East Side contains a string of famous museums from the Natural History Museum to the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Things to Do In Central Park

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There is always something to do in massive Central Park starting in the center of Midtown Manhattan and stretching all the way up to just below the start of Harlem. The park contains a zoo, a winter skating rink and multiple baseball fields.

The middle portion of the park is home to the Delacorte Theatre that holds productions of Shakespeare and other plays in the summer for free. Central Park also contains Belvedere Castle, a manmade lake with rentable rowboats and the Harlem Meer in the north where families can rent a rod and go fishing.


The third reason New York is the best city in the world is the shopping. Every borough has some distinct shopping area. Cooks and food lovers will enjoy the ethnic markets like the Indian shops in Queens or Manhattan’s Chinatown and Little Italy.

These markets provide genuine ingredients and produce often flown in directly from the country of origin. Areas like SoHo and Tribeca have a range of boutique shops selling everything from custom-made clothes to innovative housewares.

High-End Shopping 

Some of the main shopping attractions are high-end designer stores. These are especially popular for window shoppers. The high-end shops are located mainly throughout Manhattan and the nearby areas of Brooklyn like DUMBO.

Some of the areas everyone will want to visit are the boutiques along Madison and Lexington Avenue as well as the shops on Fifth Avenue. There is also the amazing Diamond District that specializes in jewelry and gems.

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