Quick guide to Helsingborg, Sweden

Helsingborg is one of Sweden’s oldest cities, and has been the site of permanent settlement officially ever since 21 May 1085. Being located so close to Denmark, the city has seen many bloody wars and has long been an important trading city thanks to its harbour.

But one of the main reasons you’ll want to visit Helsingborg is because of its scenic beauty and friendly vibes. Here is a quick guide to Helsingborg and what the city has to offer…

When to go

The best season to visit Helsingborg is definitely in the summer as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches the city has to offer so close to the center. You can easily start the day at the beach, grab some lunch in town and then spend the afternoon shopping, all without having to take any public transport.

How to get there

Helsingborg is a connection point to many destinations, making it a great place to stop over for a day or two if you’re just passing through.

There are buses and trains going all the way from Copenhagen to Oslo and Stockholm, with both high speed trains and local trains that stop in smaller places along the way.

Where to stay

There are a few good hotels and hostels in Helsingborg, and most of them are located close to the city center. Radisson Blu is a bit on the upscale end but includes the most wonderful breakfast buffet and lounge area. It also houses a gym for those of you who want to stay active even on your holiday.

What to do

Enjoy the beach life

One thing that makes Helsingborg very unique as a city are the many swimming spots and beaches that line the coast from the train station all the way to the other side of the city. Only a few minutes walking distance from the train station you’ll find their exotic beach, lined with palm trees, beach chairs and a bungalow café. The water is crystal clear with sandy bottom.

If you prefer to jump right in from the rocks, you can continue your walk a little further and you’ll find some docks where you can climb down the stairs into the fresh water.

Further down the beach walk is the city’s longest stretching beach where you can sunbathe and relax in the sand.

Relax by the quay

In between the beaches is a beautiful dock where you can sip on a drink at one of the cafes and bar overlooking the dock and ocean (on a clear day you can see all the way to Denmark on the other side).

Walk the streets and take in the history

Just like with most European cities, Helsingborg is best enjoyed by just walking the picturesque streets, looking at the old beautiful buildings and visit historic sites.

Kärnan is the most famous historic place in the city, a 35 meter tall medieval tower that is the only part remaining of a larger Danish fortress which, along with the fortress Kronborg on the opposite of Øresund, controlled the entranceway between Kattegat and Øresund and further south the Baltic Sea. The tower represents a lot fo the history between Helsingborg and Denmark which for centuries ruled the city.

Today it’s a great spot to sit down for a picnic in the surrounding park, and enjoying the views overlooking the city.

Take a trip to Helsingør

Why not experience two countries in one day? With only a 20 minut boat ride, this is more than doable even with an easy schedule, and Helsingør is definitely a city worth spending some of your time in as well!

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