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Preparing for Adventure Travel

The latest buzz in the travel industry right now is the wave of thirty something business men and women who are embarking on adventure travel with their four weeks annual leave. With desk jobs being the norm and standard working hours of nine till five staring at a computer screen driving this generation batty, it makes sense that they are looking for a new way to relax and let off a bit of steam when they finally get a break for the normal beige routine of everyday life.

So if you are one of those bright young things who has recently booked their first adventure holiday, read on for some top tips on what to pack to prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.



It is rare that you will visit somewhere without a pharmacy or some access to simple medications. However, if you have a stomach that resembles a fairground ride or a sun-induced splitting headache, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to overcome a language barrier and compete with unusual opening hours before you can get your medications. It is best to take a simple first aid kit with you that contains basic painkillers, plasters, antihistamines, stomach medications for constipation and diarrhoea and some antiseptic cream. For anything more complex it is best to seek medical advice, but for the simple things it really is easier to DIY. 

Appropriate Clothing

Taking clothing that is suitable for your trip is one of the most important things you can to do to ensure your comfort and safety when you are travelling. Nobody wants soggy feet because their hiking boots have leaked or windburn because they don’t have a face protector. Visit an outdoor specialist store either online like E-Outdoor or on your local high street and spend some time and pennies investing in quality clothing and equipment that will ensure your travel is smooth and pain free.

Documentation Equipment

Whether you are hiking, rafting or climbing you are going to want some way of recording all of your crazy adventures. From a  simple notebook and pen to a scrapbook or sketchbook and pencil there are many traditional ways to record your travels. And always be sure to take both traditional and digital medias to use; You never know if the extreme heat or water may detrimentally affect  the performance of digital cameras and smart phones whose travel apps are all too appealing

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