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Moscow Insider’s Guide: One Day In Moscow

Whether your daily budget is unlimited or confined to $100, there is a lot to see in Moscow. With imposing buildings, multicolored churches, and enough museums to last a lifetime, it can be difficult to see it all.

With this guide, you will be able to make the most of your day in Moscow with any budget.

Welcome to Russia!

To begin your Russia tour, start at the metro station Teatralnaya. This metro leads to both the Bolshoi Theater and the entrance to Red Square. First, exit at the side leading to the Bolshoi.


This will take you right outside the steps of the famous Bolshoi Theater. You can view the famous exterior, or go inside the lobby to catch a quick glimpse inside. Around the Bolshoi you can view the Tsum shopping center and the Bolshoi fountain.

By facing away from the Bolshoi and turning right, you will pass the incredibly large state Duma. Continue walking and you will quickly come across the red and iconic State Museum. This museum is also one entrance into Red Square.

Russia tours always center around Red Square, and for a good reason. Red Square is the area between the GUM shopping center and one of the Kremlin’s vast walls.

Towards the Moscow river, you will find St Basil’s cathedral along with the famous Kremlin clock. You can enter St. Basils for $12, and the lines are usually nonexistent. If you’re on a budget, spend a few minutes window-shopping inside of the GUM. If you have unlimited credit, then go crazy with some of the most expensive shops in the world!


If the line is short, visit inside Lenin’s mausoleum for a taste of Soviet history. After this, walk through Alexander Gardens to view an extraordinary display of seasonal flowers. Even though time is a factor, you should visit the Kremlin Armory. For $15, you will be able to view icons from Russia’s vast history. If nothing else, you will be able to view the astoundingly gorgeous Faberge eggs in person!

Upon exiting the Armory, turn left and walk towards the golden-domed Christ the Savior Cathedral. It is about a 15 minute walk from the Kremlin, and you can enter this masterpiece free of charge. Take a picture outside with the Peter the Great statue for a remarkable souvenir.

After visiting the cathedral, you can walk along the river towards Gorky Park. This park is positioned away from the Kremlin and towards the right of the cathedral. By walking along the river, you will come upon a large bridge; walk up the stairs and you will find the entrance to Gorky Park.

Depending on the season, Gorky Park hosts many regional events. In the wintertime, you can go iceskating throughout the park and then enjoy the heat inside of the cabin cafe. If you go in the summer, you can enjoy all of the free classes including dancing, yoga, and various arts and crafts.

By now, you are probably a little hungry. Take the metro outside of Gorky Park towards Arbat for a quick bite to eat. Try Mu-Mu’s for a quick and cheap meal, or stop in Koffein for coffee and dessert.

If you have unlimited credit, dine like Chekhov in the world-famous Praga. After your meal, make sure to walk to the end of Arbat to view the staggering Moscow Foreign Relations building.

After your lunch, take the metro to Park Pobedi. This grand area is host to one of the most beautiful museums in the world: the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. This museum will cost about $20 per entry, and it will take about an hour of your time. Outside of the museum, you will also be able to see the Triumphal Arch of Moscow.

For your evening, take a metro to Sparrow Hills. Hike up to the top for a beautiful sunset view of Moscow. You will also be able to view the enormous Moscow State University.


Afterwards, hike back down the hill and take a boat along the Moscow river. This can cost you anywhere from $40 to $300; it all depends on the size of the boat. However, it is a great way to view Moscow from within.

If you have unlimited funds, then you may wish to spend your night on the brightly-lit New Arbat. With flashing lights, loud music, and a crowded bar scene, you can experience true Moscow nightlife on this high-energy strip.

There are still numerous activities to plan for if you can fit them into your schedule. The Mayakovsky museum is a gorgeous tribute to the Soviet avant-garde poet, and the Soviet arcade room is perfect for nostalgia and a pint of beer. Tours to Russia are always a rewarding experience, and you don’t have to let a budget keep you from this amazing experience!

Expert advice for this story is provided by our friends from Travel All Russia – world’s leading agency for tours to Russia.

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