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How To Look Stylish While Backpacking

Looking stylish while backpacking can be harder than it seems. When you are backpacking you tend to have very little space for tons of outfits, this means that some sacrifices will have to be made for fashion.

The first time I traveled around the world I brought several pairs of high heels with me and forced my boyfriend to bring his best suit jacket because I thought he looked so great in it.

Not surprisingly, I soon realized that all of these rather heavy extra clothes and shoes added a lot of weight to our already heavy backpacks, and before a month had passed we had already thrown half our luggage away, and our bags were half the weight.

Having so little space and clothes, I was forced to learn how to make use of what I had and still look stylish. I learned that by packing smart and picking versatile outfits and pants you can do a great deal to remain stylish while you are traveling.

This article will go over a few tips and tricks that will teach you how to look stylish while backpacking…

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1. Pick situation and color neutral clothing

Since you will not have your entire closet available it is best to choose outfits that go with many different situations. This means choosing neutral colors like tan and black instead of flashy reds, blues, or yellows – heavy patterns can also be tricky.

You will also want to choose different outfits based on whether they can be both casual and formal when matched correctly. While you are backpacking many different situations come up and it is best to be prepared while on the road.

Dresses are often super easy to wear at all sorts of occasions, to look more dressy by just adding some nice accessories, like jewelry and a scarf.

2. Wear weather specific clothing

Nothing is worse than arriving somewhere and finding out that the outfits you brought are impossible to wear due to weather.

Research the weather conditions of your destination before you head out and regularly check the weather a week or so before you head out. This will allow you to bring stylish and appropriate outfits where you may travel.

If you’re traveling to a very warm country, linen clothes are both stylish and comfortable, however they wrinkle easily so remember to roll them up rather than fold them when you pack them in your bag!


3. Don’t over or under dress while backpacking

Showing up for a casual meal wearing a tuxedo would not be appropriate at home and it is just as inappropriate in foreign countries or cities. Make sure that you bring outfits with you that are going to be appropriate for backpacking activities.

If you are going out to a local bar jeans and a t shirt might suffice. However if you have been invited to a formal or semi-formal dinner at someone’s house, more dressy clothes may be necessary. Dress for the situation in order to look your best.

Staying stylish while backpacking around the world does not need to be hard. If you follow these simple tips you should have a very easy time doing so.

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