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Flying Indirect – Why It’s A Great Option.

Going the long way around sometimes has its perks. Of course, I’m talking about holidays and indirect travel – before you pass this idea off as being too much hassle, hear me out!

If it was possible to save over £100 on airfares, simply by adding a few hours onto your flight, would you do it? I certainly would, and I have done, several times in the past.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that my travel days are lost days anyway, and I don’t mean that to sound negative, but you’re not going to feel like jumping straight onto the beach when you arrive after a night flight, or head straight out to a nightclub, unless you’re extremely energetic, which I’m certainly not!


Travel days are about getting from A to B, and enjoying the experience as much as possible through duty free perusal, a few drinks in the airport, a nice meal, and enjoying the pre-holiday excitement, or reminiscing on those memories on your return home.

I’ve never enjoyed my travel experience on the inbound journey anyway, and for me it’s a ‘get me home!’ kind of experience!

 So with this in mind, I’ve never had any qualms about looking into flying indirect.

Of course, direct is preferable, and if the indirect option adds a stupid amount of time onto your plans, then don’t even consider it, but if like I have in the past, you’ve found you simply have an extra two hours’ wait for a connection, and you save around £100, then why not?

I’ve done this on a long-haul flight to Las Vegas before, with a stop off in Atlanta, and whilst it was tiring, I was due to arrive in the middle of the night anyway, so I figured I might as well sleep on the plane and save that money for my shows and gambling in the desert!

Some places, you don’t have a choice whether you fly direct or not, as I found trying to get to Dalaman in winter this year, when I found I had to go via Istanbul whether I liked it or not.

A good way to check out your indirect options before you make a decision is to log onto Skyscanner and make sure the direct and indirect boxes are ticked. Simply enter your requirements and hit ‘search’.

Saving money on the travel aspect of your holiday leaves you with more to spend when you’re actually in the resort, and for me that’s where I’d rather be spending it anyway. I always try and save a little before I even get to the airport by pre-booking my airport parking spot, and saying “no” to public transport and costly airport taxis.

This is a fantastic idea for those travelling with children too, as the stress is cut right out. Wherever you’re flying from, you’ll find a service to suit, such as Heathrow parking for the huge range of both direct and indirect flights out of the capital.

You’ll be surprised how cheap this service actually is, I know I was the first time I used it, and I know many people rarely revert to back to public transport once they have used airport parking.

With all these money saving options on offer, you’d be mad not to check them out; after all, your money is better off in your pocket, ready to splash out on your hard-earned holiday.

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