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Five Amazing River Cruises in Europe

Next time you travel to Europe, make sure your trip includes at least one river cruise – with some excellent and popular luxury European river cruises, you have the advantage of visiting not only one country but several different countries and cities during one and the same holiday, all comfortably and in style.

Here is a list of five amazing and popular river cruises in Europe:

1. German Market Cruise.

As the name suggests, the German Market Cruise is a unique market cruise that takes guests on a voyage to experience the famous holiday traditions of the country.

A number of popular and upscale cruise operators offer seasonal market river cruises for up to 6 nights – your cruise will stop by Nuremberg, Wurzburg, Wertheim, and Bamberg. The last destination will be Frankfurt where your river cruise will come to an end.


2. Portugal Wine Country River Cruise

A number of local river cruise operators offer wine country river cruises around Portugal’s famous rivers. This wine country cruise will take you on a culinary journey along the scenic Douro River Valley.

Some of the stops include the famous wine country of Porto and Salamanca. Apart from enjoying some delicious Port wines and gourmet cuisines, guests will get a chance to visit some UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.

3. Wine-Themed Seine Sailings.

Popular cruise lines including Amawaterways also offer this river cruise in France. This wine themed river cruise is certainly for those who love wines as they will enjoy exploring some world-renowned winemaking destinations in Europe on this cruise.

This river cruise starts from and ends in Paris. Some of the popular stops of this river cruise include Vernon, Les Andelys, and Rouen. Entice your taste buds with some scrumptious French wine and sample some lip-smacking gourmet food while on this cruise.

4. Danube Discovery on a river cruise.

Sail on this famous cruise from Nuremberg in Germany and go exploring some of the best attractions that Europe has to offer. This seven night cruise will take you on a journey to explore Budapest, Hungary, and Passau and Vienna en-route. This cruise is a must for all those who love sightseeing and excursions.

5. Best of Europe: Experience what Europe has to offer.

Take this cruise and enjoy 14-nights on a scenic river cruise around many top European destinations. On your trip, you will explore Austria, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, and Czech Republic. A number of land excursions are also included in the itinerary.

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