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The Finest: Adventure and Experiences in Finnish Lapland

Lapland has to be one of Europe’s most inviting regions. Holidays to Lapland are an experience to cherish at any time of year and you can see some marvellous landscapes while out on them, not to mention meet warm, friendly people and undertake some thrilling outdoor activities. Whether it’s a snowy winter getaway or a summer solstice escape there are tons of amazing activities to delight all types of visitors.

Here are Lapland’s top five activities:

1. See the Northern Lights

One of Mother Nature’s most spectacular spectacles, the Aurora borealis, or “northern lights”, light up Lapland’s vast skies. The phenomenon can’t be predicted, but when nights are clear and dark visitors should always look to the sky.


2. Head into the wild on a husky or reindeer safari

The feeling of being pulled on a sled by a team of powerful animals is second to none and one of the quirkiest ways to behold the landscapes of Lapland. Husky or reindeer safaris are widely available through the region and typically feature traditional lunches and warm beverages.

3. Visit Famous Arktikum

Situated on the bank of the River Ounasjoki in Rovaniemi, Arktikum is one of the most popular attractions in all of Finland. This stylish museum contains exhibitions that detail the history, culture, and folklore of the Arctic region and Finnish Lapland.

4. Sweat in a Sauna

No visit to Lapland would be complete without an authentic Finnish sauna experience. It’s rumoured that there are more saunas than personal vehicles throughout the country, so you won’t have trouble finding one. One of the finest spectacular sauna experiences is the Ylläs, an electric sauna in a gondola that lasts two hours and rewards visitors with views of the landscape below.


5. Hike through Oulanka National Park

One of the world’s most spectacular national parks, Oulanka boasts some tremendous trails for Lapland visitors. Ranging in difficulty and terrain, hiking through Oulanka is the best nature-based tourism that Lapland has to offer. The park is filled with rare flora and delightful fauna making it a unique environment to explore.

It’s not often you’ll hit Lapland on your holidays, so when you get the opportunity you should live for the moment. From the interiors of authentic Finnish saunas to the forests of Oulanka National Park, this northern region is Finland at its finest.

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