Exploring The Best Of Japan

Visiting Japan is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and for many good reasons: the nature is absolutely incredible, the cities are unlike any other in the world, and the culture is wonderfully fascinating.

You can spend years in Japan and still feel like you haven’t even scraped the surface of this exciting country, so planning is essential.

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Here are four experiences that are a must when traveling to Japan…

Visit Kyoto.


One activity to do when visiting Japan would be to visit Kyoto and its ancient sites, which is Japan’s earlier capital city from 794 to 1868.

Aside from being a remnant of Imperial Japan, Kyoto also holds seventeen World Heritage sites along with thousands of historical temples as well. The Kinkakuji temple is arguably the most famous of all the temples that are found in Kyoto.

Enjoy A Onsen.

Sitting in the hot springs of Japan is another fun activity that travelers can look forward to when visiting.

An interesting fact about the hot springs, or “onsen” is that the local Japanese have been using the natural hot springs as a form of relaxation and healing for well over a thousand years.

The baths themselves can come in various forms, indoor or outdoor, coed or separated by gender.

Though there are thousands of hot springs to choose from, the Dogo resort is one of the most famous in all of the country, being a three-storey resort that was once reserved only for the imperial family of Japan.

Hike The Northern Alps of Japan.


Taking a long hike in the Northern Alps of Japan is another activity that can be done when traveling to Japan. Japan’s Northern Alps are considered top of the line in terms of going on a nature walk.

Anyone who decides to visit can choose between going on an all day hike or an extended hike that lasts up to a week, for those who have extra time on their hands.

Furthermore, there are many parts of the mountains that are empty of crowds of visitors, particularly during the fall months on the weekdays.

Visit The Peace Memorial Park.

The Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima is also something that is worth visiting, for those who want a more historical tour of Japan. The park is simply a memorial to those who died during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in August of 1945.

The memorial is complete with origami cranes donated from children from all parts of Japan.

Traveling to Japan will prove to be a pleasant experience for people of all ages. Japan has a large variety of activities for travellers to engage in, whether temporarily or long term.

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