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Exploring the Best of Cyprus

Most visitors to Cyprus head for the coastal beach resorts and miss the amazing adventures that lie waiting to be explored in the island’s unique interior. One great place to spend vacation time in Cyprus is in its gorgeous mountains and villages.

Troodos Mountains

Sightseeing, walking and bicycling can be enjoyed under the cooling shade of magnificent pine and cedar trees while staying in a quaint restored home – tourists can go back in time while visiting quiet villages and discovering magnificently frescoed Byzantine churches.

One village is home to a monastery that dates back to the eleventh century and lies nestled along the Karyatis river.


A View From the Sea

A unique way to enjoy the timeless beauty of Cyprus is to view it from the sea.

Visitors can hire a motorboat, and after a short lesson on the boat’s operation, take a tour around to catch a glimpse of playful dolphins and elusive sea turtles. Guests can pull their boat into the Blue Lagoon and anchor to enjoy a day of magnificent snorkeling.

Archaeology Adventure

Cyprus is home to two significant archaeological sites that are available for tourists to explore. Ancient Salamis, a Roman city dating back to the second century B.C. is still surrounded by its crumbling walls.

Remains of the village’s baths, forum, gymnasium, villa and agora still stand along with the Basilica of St. Epiphanius and the temple of Zeus Salaminios.

Ancient Kourin is the remains of a Greco-Roman amphitheatre that rests majestically atop a magnificent cliff. The amphitheatre is famed for its gorgeous Pafos mosaic floors that have recently undergone extensive restoration.

Wine Touring

The countryside surrounding the Troodos Mountains is speckled with more than 50 quaint wineries. Wine villages are great to explore and provide tasting of the region’s unique wine selections. If visitors are touring Cyprus in September, the wine festival in Lemesos can’t be missed.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Cyprus is known for its wonderful varieties of coffee. Fabulous chic cafes and quaint, boutique style coffee houses are in plentiful supply along Cyprus’s village streets. Cypriot coffee has very much the flavor and consistency of espresso.

Usually taken black, some villages capture a more fuller aroma in the brew by cooking it slowly in a tray of hot sand. On hotter days, tourists may better appreciate a glass of frappe.

Frappe is a delicious coffee that is served with a lot of ice in a tall frosty glass.

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