Exploring The Best of China from Beijing

China is such a large country it literally is impossible to check out everything you might want to on any trip. Even if you are in the country for months, if not years, you are going to find that there is just too much to take in. For those who want to explore as much as possible I recommend taking a holiday in China with Beijing tours. That way you’re guarranteed to see a great deal of the country in a short time.

Many travelers stop over in China, or more specifically in Beijing, as a transfer stop to break up a long journey. While that doesn’t give much opportunity to explore the vast land of China, Beijing itself has plenty to offer and there an incredible amount of activities and sights to look into even for those who are short on time.


Forbidden City

This is by far the most important sight you need to experience while in Beijing. It is unlike anything else you are going to see anywhere else in the entire country. It is a complete city that is fenced in around all sites and, with a total of over 9,000 rooms and 250 acres, the majority of this building has been around since 1406.

While some of it has been burned down and rebuilt through uprising and other outsider attacks, this is truly a shrine to all things China. Of course, you need to wear comfortable shoes while inside of the city.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square holds an important place in almost every piece of recent Chinese history. The announcement of the People’s Republic of China took place right here and troops often march through this area of the city on parades in order to showcase themselves.

On top of this, at sunrise and sunset there is the raising and lowering of the Chinese National Flag, which is almost like the changing of the guard in London. Again, make sure to show up early here in order to grab good seats.

Great Wall of China


Now, the Great Wall of China stretches throughout a large portion of the country, but one of the best areas of the wall is right here in Beijing. Due to the number of tourists who come here, most of the money goes to maintaining the wall right here, so it is not going to be of poor quality.

While there are all sorts of different sights to take in throughout Beijing and the rest of China, these are three must-see locations you simply must visit.

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