Explore the very Best that Austria has to Offer

As well as offering a sample of stunning architecture, music, and culture that some say is unmatched anywhere else in Europe, Austria is a country that’s best known for providing some of the greatest winter sport locations in the world.

This European gem is often under appreciated and we think that, given its suitability for year round visiting coupled with the fact that there’s so much to see and do there, it should be high up on everyone’s bucket list.

A vacation to the area need not cost the earth either, as many popular tourist attractions such as churches, gardens and art galleries offer all visitors a chance to explore free of charge. Transport for children up to the age of six is free in most cities, while older minors that are accompanied by an adult also receive discounts.

Should you be planning a trip to this captivating country, we’ve made a list of things to do that will allow you to explore the very best that Austria has to offer.

Winter Sports and Attractions


Austria provides some of the most scenic and renowned winter sports locations in the world, making it an extremely popular destination for both enthusiasts and newbie’s alike. Ski resorts include St Anton am Arlberg, which is located in the village of Tyrol and boasts some of the most legendary ski landscapes in the world. Another popular destination, also located in Tyrol, for winter sports is the Seefeld Skiing Centre which is a two-time host of the Winter Olympics.

As an upscale resort getaway, Seefeld, like St Anton am Arlberg, is also ideal for trekking, hiking and mountaineering in the summer months.

Explore Vienna

Vienna is the capital city of the country and it’s a city that has plenty of things for visitors to see and do. As such, no visit to Austria would be complete without taking the time to explore this city that’s so steeped in history, stunning architecture, and some of the world’s best musical and artistic culture. Explorers and music lovers can take the opportunity to visit the Vienna Opera, or take in the sights at the world-renowned Schonbrunn Palace.


Tap into Your Spiritual Side

In addition to the many wonderful natural landscapes and terrain for the more adventurous and outdoor lovers, Austria is a country that boasts many architectural wonders, some of which are centuries old. Highlights include the Vienna Opera building and Schonbrunn Palace mentioned above, as well as monasteries and Abbey’s that will let you get in touch with your spiritual side. From the thousand-year-old Admont Abbey, to the magnificent Melk Abbey overlooking the Danube River, there are many wonders that are steeped in tradition and tranquility available for those who prefer a quieter experience.

Whether you are already planning to visit, or are looking for new places and countries to visit and explore, then Austria should feature highly in your options. There is something for everyone in this wonderful country, and whether you prefer winter sports, hiking in the summer, or quiet exploration of some of the worlds best architecture, you’ll find it in Austria.

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