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The Rhine River is a beautiful and ancient river, whose stunning bends lazily wind their way through several beautiful European countries. The Rhine River is historically one of the most important rivers in Europe, and is now one of the most visited landmarks in all of the region. When experiencing a river Rhine cruise holiday for the first time, there are a number of must-see sights, all of them sure to impress and inspire. 13162885364_4c8869e24d


The Rhine River winds through several beautiful European countries, including Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. When taking a Rhine River cruise, Speyer is a site that must be seen to be believed. Speyer is an ancient town, boasting many artifacts from the days of Ancient Rome, and also boasts a vibrant and upbeat night-life.

Lorelei Rock

This is one of the most famous stops along any Rhine River cruise. The Rhine River Valley is famed for its iconic and sweeping scenery, the pinnacle of which is Lorelei Rock, a 120 meter rock that has been featured in some of the most iconic works of German art and culture.


Cologne is a definite must see for any visitor to the Rhine River. Once known as a hub for art and culture, Cologne was destroyed during World War II, but thanks to the dedication of the stalwart people of the Rhine River Valley, it was rebuilt by hand, and now stands as one of the greatest centers of history and culture in all of Europe.


Boppard, famed for it’s rapidly growing and well known vineyards, is a beautiful and quaint German town with picturesque views, and an array of history and culture. Here, you can see such well known attractions as Saint Severus’ Church, and can even explore the ancient Roman ruins of Burg Schoneck. 6302617111_45226ca18d


Mainz is considered to be one of the most historically important sites in all of Germany. Once called home by famous innovator Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz is the birthplace of the first ever movable printing press. As well as fostering one of the most important inventions of the human age, it also boasts a number of beautiful Roman ruins and structures, many dating all the way back to 9 B.C. The Rhine River stands as a majestic and timeless tribute to the history of Europe. Even now, thousands of years later, it’s stunning landscapes and abundance of culture make it one of the most amazing adventures available today. One thing is for sure, a Rhine River Cruise will never disappoint – from start to finish, this is a journey you will never forget. p/c: 12

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