Explore The Magic Of Disney On Your Doorstep

It’s probably every child’s dream to visit the home of Mickey Mouse at least once. I know it was always my childhood dream, and whilst Florida was always a bit of a distant fantasy, as soon as the French version opened its gates, the dream became much more of a reality.

These days you can grab some serious bargain breaks to the heart of the magic, whether you decide to fly, drive, or jump on the Eurostar, and you can save even more money by combining your plans with airport extras, designed to cut costs and make the whole thing less stressful. I regularly drive myself to the airport and book my parking spot, always using Airparks.


I find great deals, and I’ve never once had reason to complain. Most large UK airports offer a service, including fantastic rates on Bristol Airport parking spots too, so it’s just a case of seeing what’s available at your local terminal.

A bit of money saved pre-holiday will mean more fun and magic in the parks themselves, and my oh my, is there fun to be had!

There is a bit of a myth floating around that you have to be a child to enjoy a day in a Disney park, but that is a total fallacy! Big kids alike can enjoy all the fun on offer, and with shows, parades, dining, shopping, leisure, rides, characters, and even nightclubs, there is truly something for everyone, with a real magical twist like no other.

Disneyland Paris is split into two parks – Disneyland and Disney Studios. Disney Village sits in the middle, which is basically the dining and entertainment park, perfect for an early evening meal, or even a glammed up night out.

The pink Disney castle sits in the heart of Disneyland, dominating the skyline, with Main Street USA leading up to it. This is where you can catch the best of the parades, but it’s always worth being a little clever with when you decide to watch them.

If you want a prime spot, you either have to get there early, and grabbing an itinerary on the way into the park will help you in your planning, or head to the afternoon parade, rather than the first one of the day, when crowds are often less. The same can be said for grabbing a front row seat on the most popular rides – head there when the parades are on, or make use of the Fast Pass service.

Thrills, spills, fun and laughter – you don’t have to head over the Atlantic to grab a slice of the Disney magic, it really is right on your doorstep.

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