Explore The Best Of Canada In Winter (5 Things To Do)

Canada is known as one of the top winter destinations because it truly embodies all of the natural beauty and glory that comes with those frozen winter months.

It is a country like no other as it truly embraces the snow, ice and cold, so when traveling to Canada during the winter you definitely won’t fall short of fun activities and sights.

Many people know about the amazing skiing in Canada and the incredible wildlife that scurries about – but that’s not all there is to do in Canada. Here are five other ways to explore Canada in the winter that are equally as amazing…

The Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights seem to dance for those who take the time to peer up at the sky – the ice cold and dry air is perfect for making those lights come to life and dance as one sits back and watches a true natural wonder at play.


Snowshoe Treks

The same way dog sledding and snowmobiling can take one deep in to woods; so too can snowshoe treks. One dons snowshoes and heads out on an icy adventure. It is a bit of work but also relaxing as well since one can stop and take in some of the most amazing sights that Canada has to offer. Just make sure you dress warm; good quality winter jackets are sure to keep you warm and cozy on your snowshoe trek, and make sure to properly protect your head and face with the right winter accessories.

Ice Fishing

Fishing takes a unique twist in winter all throughout Canada. Ice fishing is a sport like no other and is something everyone should try at least once. The hole in the ice that allows one to drop a line to the flowing water below is something unique, and you can truly get in touch with nature as they patiently sit atop ice on a lake and wait for fish that are hungry and just waiting for that bait to drop down.


Dog Sledding

There is something about dog sledding that is fun, exhilarating and mesmerizing at the same time. One can go dog sledding in winter where they strap on to the back of a sled that is led and pulled by powerhouse dogs as they take one on a journey through woods, trails, trees and areas that would otherwise not be seen.


Snowmobiling is a sport and also a fun filled adventure. One can whip from side to side, zip through forests and go down paths where they get a true chance to experience the natural beauty that is winter in Canada. It is a bit of an homage to the season and a bit of a thrill ride at the same time.

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    Myra Jonson
    November 27, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Yes dog shedding is so fun also for me. I remember the time we went to Canada with my family. Pretty much awesome and believe it’s one of the best cities even if its in our country, at least. Your photos are awesome btw!

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