Essential Things to do in Majorca, Spain

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is a beautiful Spanish island with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

The capital of the island is Palma where many of the essential spots to visit are located and where you can also find some of the best hand picked villas in Majorca.

The first place to head is the beach, where the water is a blue like you’ve never seen before. Many people say that they’ve never seen green until they’ve visited Ireland.

Well, you’ve never seen blue until you see the beaches of Majorca accompanied by the white sand, it’s simply breathtaking.


Second, since you’re already at the beach, be sure to take a Mallorca Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling Trip. Enjoy exploring what’s beneath those stunning blue waters and drink in the sun while on the boat. This is paradise for the sunbather.

Third, now that you’ve worked up an appetite, check out the Sunday Market.

It takes over many of the streets in Palma. You’ll find fruits and vegetables grown locally on the island. Regional specialties include olives and olive oils, figs, wines produced on the island, fresh seafood, brown bread, marmalade and artisans selling everything from jams and jellies, to clothing and scarves.

When you’ve satisfied your hunger be sure to visit the Eglesia de Sant Miquel. It’s an architectural wonder of a church as it’s a mix of gothic and baroque architecture. The bell tower stands more than seven stories tall. The church celebrated the islands first mass on December 31, 1229.

An excellent way to get around the island is by scooter. They can be rented at several locations on the island. It’s a fun and liberating way to visit the island’s many villages.

Finally, one of the things that Spain is most famous for is the fighting of the bulls. Be sure to visit the Plaza de Toros and take in a bull fight. It’s an awesome thing to witness. The beauty, size and strength of these animals is astounding.

Enjoy your trip to Majorca, Spain. Be sure to take in all of the essential things to do, the beauty, the architecture and the food.

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