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A boho-luxe summer travel wishlist


I recently put together a piece on spring/summer fashion, but there’s a new style that’s been bugging me recently. It lurks in all the shop windows begging me to join it, to give in to it’s crazy hippie ways and run free… that’s right, it’s the boho look. Every year it comes back with the sounds of festival music trailing behind it, and every year I try to resist it’s promises of freedom and love on every street corner.

Despite the fact that those flower power, ‘Woodstock’ days were over a long time ago, this trend still continues, and it makes for some rather incredible outfits. This year, I’m determined to add a few more vintage hippie outfits to my wardrobe.

Here are just a few items on my boho-luxe wish list…

  1. Headdresses and how to wear them

When I was a little girl I wore these really plain headbands to keep my hair out of my face; fast forward a couple of decades and everyone seems to be wearing headdresses that permanently keep your hair in your face instead. I don’t know who came up with this trend, but I for one am loving the ability to wear my hair messy and claim to be a fashionista at the same time.

There are some beautiful floral headdresses at the moment that look perfect with either a simple fishtail braid if your hair is long enough, or a tousled French plait instead. For those of you who want to weave flowers into the braid itself, you can actually get very flexible wires with flowers on that can be woven into their hair.

  1. Bohemian jewellery at ChloBo

Have you seen some of ChloBo’s boho jewellery recently? They’re so delicate, so pretty, but the best part is that they give that sophisticated edge to an outfit that makes the difference between you needing to go home and change before dinner, and being able to step straight from the shops to atop-flight restaurant.

I particularly like the smoky quartz cube star bracelet that you’ll find in the Love Revolution collection, but I’m also lusting after the labradorite sparkle moon bracelet from the brand new Luna Soul collection too. There’s so much to choose from, and even then I’m stuck on deciding which charm is the one for me…

  1. The bolder the better

What I love about summer is that this is our chance to wear bright colours and not be ridiculed for it. There are some stunning colour-block dresses in bright oranges and dazzling yellows at the minute, but you can also pick up something with more of a gypsy, boho feel to it as well. One of the latest trends you may have noticed around town is to wear everything off the shoulder, and these are perfect for holidays because most of them are made of such lightweight materials.

Are you loving the boho trend this year? Let me know about any purchases you’ve made recently by leaving me a comment below…

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