Adventure in Southern France

The south of France is renown all across the globe for its gorgeous landscape and charming villages. People travel from all corners of the earth to glimpse the unique culture and gain quaint experiences that come with traveling to these beloved destinations. The following villages represent some of the most cherished and lovely stops that one can make in the French countryside.


This village is home to cobblestone streets, scenic local residences, and four-star restaurants. The town rests alongside the Orbieu river, giving visitors access to divine sunsets that make the countryside glow. The summer months offer multiple openings for swimming in the river as well. Travelers interested in heading further south to view the Cathar castles will find this village to be an unforgettable stop.

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The stone houses and churches residing here are nestled high in the countryside where stunning rivers run on either side. The village is accessible by a thin, stone bridge that welcomes visitors with plenty of unique photographic opportunities. Minerve is also the site of the famous 15th-century siege that involved catapults and daring ravine crossings.


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This destination is a sizable fishing village where visitors have access to cuisine that represents the epitome of seafood in the region. The shellfish are deemed to be the delicacy of the town. Local establishments prepare them in an extraordinary number of ways that pair excellently with the regional wines. The town is busiest during the summer, hosting a rich night life that extends to the edge of the lively shores.


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This sophisticated village is home to a wealth of cafes, dedicated art museums, and antique shops that know no equal. The architecture also features a wealth of stone carving that was put in place by the local parliament that resided there during the mid-1600’s. Visitors rave about the amenities and beauty of the vaulted courtyard that serves as the focus of the Hotel Lacoste as well.


Residing high in the Black Mountains, there are many scenic points in this village that consistently charm villagers. The town is overlooked by a historic clock-tower, the only remains of the 11th-centruy fortress that once stood on the grounds. Explores should also find their way to the Pond du Diable bridge. It offers panoramic views of both the village and of the surrounding Mediterranean.

I hope these places have inspired you to visit southern France on your next holiday!

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