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5 Ways To Save For A Trip Around The World

Traveling around the world is a common dream – unfortunately, for many people this remains nothing more than a dream – for people who want to make their dream a reality, here are 5 tips to help you get started.

Make the Dream a Plan

“I want to travel the world,” is a dream – in order to make that dream come true you have to start by turning that dream into solid plans.

How long will you travel? When will you leave? Where will you go? What kind of lifestyle do you expect while traveling?

You must answer all of these questions in order to set a travel budget. Once you have a budget you know exactly how much you need to save.


Start Saving 

Open a savings account specifically for your trip. Set a minimum amount to add to that account each month and do not touch the money in that account. For some people, saving is easy – for others, you may want to set up a direct deposit into that account.

Cut Expenses at Home

Start living a simple lifestyle now. Put the money you would usually spend on short trips, dining out, or entertainment directly into your savings account. Instead spend your free time planning your trip in further detail.

Begin Selling your Stuff

Depending on how long your trip is, you will find you do not need much of your stuff. You might choose to sell your car or rent out your home. You can sell clothes at consignment shops and gently used electronics on various websites. All proceeds from sold items should go directly into your savings.

Find a Way to Work While Traveling 

If you can work while traveling you can extend the length of your trip and take pressure off of your budget. Learn basic skills that can be done from anywhere with a computer and set up a few accounts on various work-while-traveling websites, but do not count on this type of income for emergency purposes.

Following these basic tips will help get you one step closer to stepping out your front door, onto a plane, and into the world.

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