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5 Tips To Get The Best Hotel Deals

With holidays approaching many people are travelling to be with friends and family during the winter festivities, and hotels are quickly filling up for those who travel from afar.

These days it’s common for families who live all over the country to simply meet at a hotel and spend a few nights there celebrating together.

If you are not careful, your hotel accommodation could seriously cut into your holiday funds, but fortunately there are many ways to save money on the hotel room and have more to spend on the fun stuff surrounding the holidays.

Here are 5 tips to save on your lodging so that you can enjoy that hard earned cash doing something else that you enjoy while travelling...

Discount Rooms

I find that sleeping on friends’ mattresses isn’t always such an appealing idea. For me Christmas is a time for relaxing and enjoying a few days off work, and the last thing I want is having to feel pressure to always be “good company” and not having an opportunity to be alone and simply lie down for a while.


But with the explosion of internet vacation deals,there many web companies that will offer discounted rooms at a low cost – this happens because hotels who are not at full capacity may sell them their rooms for a cheaper rate.

Anything that the hotel gets is more than they would receive if the room stays vacant for the night. Because of this, travelers can take advantage of fantastic rates on rooms all around the country. Some sites even allow travelers to say how much they will pay and put the ball in the website’s court about if they accept it or not.

Loyalty Equals Savings!

If you always use the same brand of hotel when you travel, it could mean big savings for you. This is because most brand hotels offer loyalty programs for guests who always stay with them. I’ve saved thousands of dollars doing this for the past few years, and highly recommend you look into it if you travel a lot.

The discount might be a percentage off after staying for the required number of nights or just free rooms after staying for a required time period. Either way, the savings add up quick.


Look for Free Breakfast

So, if you are a family of four traveling, the costs at meal time add up quickly. By finding a hotel that offers free breakfast with your stay, you can save big.

For example, if you are in a hotel for three nights and you are a family of four, you will get 12 free meals (one for each person in your group for each of the three days).

Besides, during Christmas holidays hotels tend to give that little extra and serve some really nice Christmas breakfast buffets.

Low Cost Hotels

We all would prefer to stay at the Ritz Carlton, but sometimes that just is not cost effective. Many less expensive hotels also have high standards with a much lower price.

You can save big by choosing a less expensive hotel without giving up too much in amenities or location.

These days vacation rentals are booming because of the high value they offer: you get an apartment to yourself for the price of an average hotel room. I travel like this all the time and absolutely love it!

Travel Dates

Flexible travel dates will also assure you savings. You can simply search for lower cost hotel days, usually when the hotel is lower in occupancy, and travel then if you are a little flexible. It will add up to big savings.

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