5 Things To Do In Northern Spain

For one of the most spectacular locations in the world, Northern Spain is a popular tourist destination for its rich culture and beautiful scenery. It’s easy to stay busy in the destination by visiting wineries, hiking through the natural environment, and even staying in a castle for the night. You’ll have unforgettable experiences and an incredible adventure while exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Since Spain is so easily accessible for europeans, chances are you will want to return again and again to explore more. I myself prefer to visit Spain at least twice a year, and since I travel quite frequently my annual multi-trip travel insurance comes in quite handy since it works out to be more cost-effective than buying a single trip policy each time I travel.


Here are some of my favorite things to do in northern Spain…

1. Visit the Beach at San Sebastián and the Basque Coast

Known as one of the most incredible locations in Northern Spain, San Sebastián and the Basque Coast is a luxurious location to wine and dine with views of the turquoise waters available at every angle. Visit the beach for a great place to watch the boats come in and take a dip in the warm water before the sun sets.

2. Sleep in a Castle

Feel like royalty by sleeping in a Spanish castle in Olite, an old Medieval town. The Palacio Real do Olite will take you back to the 15th century for a royal palace that has been transformed into a hotel. It offers stunning architecture with hanging gardens and a zoo that features a lion house. You can also participate in a tour of the castle and enjoy climbing multiple turrets and towers.

3. Explore the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral


Known as the most popular destination in Northern Spain, Santiago de Compostela is a must-see for its fascinating Romanesque architecture that includes Gothic and Baroque features after taking 47 years to build. It’s located in the heart of the city with an attached museum that beautiful displays various works of art. Declared a world heritage site, it’ll be a treat if you’re able to see the swinging of the mighty botafumeiro at the end of the Pilgrim Mass during your visit.

4. Visit a Winery

Northern Spain offers some of the most beautiful wineries in the world with the La Rioja wine country. You’ll have a selection of hundreds of wineries to visit with incredible cuisine that is also available.

5. Take a Hike

Take a hike in Navarra for a location that borders the Basque country for breathtaking views of natural beauty. You can view the pools of blue water and hike past a rushing river for a tranquil and quiet environment that feels like a deserted escape.

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