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5 Reasons To Travel As A Single Traveler

Sharing new experiences and spending time with friends and family is fantastic, but it can be equally rewarding and fulfilling to go on solo holidays for single people. Here are some great reasons to consider solo travel:

1. You Control the Costs

Traveling alone not only costs half as much for transportation, accommodation and dining, but when two or more people are traveling together, they will both want to buy trinkets and souvenirs. When you travel alone, you have full control over what you do or do not buy or spend the money on while away.


2. You Control the Time

You may like to start early and make the most of the day sight-seeing, or, you might like to take it slow, enjoy the moment and take things as they come. When you travel alone, you choose how the time is spent and what you do. Want to walk on the beach at 2am; why not?

3. You Control When You Go


It is challenging enough to get leave from work. It can be all the more challenging for friends, family or your partner to get leave for the same time period. However, if not everyone can get the time off, or a great deal has come up that you could take advantage of, but your usual travel companion can’t, it may the perfect opportunity to take some ‘me time’.

4. You Can Tick Something Off Your Bucket List

You may be mad for huge, fast roller coasters and would love to ride all the big roller coasters in the country. While your partner gets motion sick on an escalator. It is ok for partners to have and different interests, and sometimes, they just have to take the plunge and explore on their own. Otherwise, they might spend their life thinking “if only…”.

5. You Can Do What You Want

When we travel with other people, there are going to be compromises. One may want to have a spa-day, while the other wants to jet ski all day. Not so when you travel alone. If you want to see every art gallery in the city one day, and the next day just sit in the sun with a glass of wine and not move a muscle; why not? You are the master of your schedule.

Traveling alone means no drama, no frustrations, no resentments, and no guilt. Just discoveries, new adventures and unique memories.

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    April 3, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Nice article and bloody truth. But it needs a courage to get out and survive alone 🙂

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