5 Essential Items To Pack for Your Ski Trip to Japan

A ski trip to Japan is certainly an unforgettable experience, especially if you’re going to a ski resort like Niseko (known as one of the country’s finest resorts) – not only are the slopes spectacular but so is the scenery, and if you go for one of the many niseko ski packages you can get some amazing prices on both the ski passes as well as hotels with stunning views.

Aside from the obvious ski equipment which can be purchased or rented, there are certain items you can not do without – here are the 5 essential items to pack for your ski trip to Japan:

Powder Skis

Due to Japan’s very low temperatures during the ski season, they have excellent powder snow. Powder skis also referred to as fat skis are required in these conditions because this type of snow can be very deep, especially if you plan to venture off the trails. These type of skis allow you to ski in deep snow flawlessly whether you are an average skier or a professional.


Powder Straps

Powder straps are very useful when skiing on powder snow because they prevent your skis from detaching from you during a fall. The straps simply attach to the ski boot. Although very useful, they should not be used when skiing in the back country due to the avalanche risk.

Ski Boots

It is very important that you bring your own ski boots to your ski trip in Japan. Although you have the option of renting a pair at the resort, they probably will not have your size. The Japanese have small feet which is reflected in the sizes available at the rental shops.


Warm Clothing

Japan, especially the northern islands, are very cold. Temperatures can fall as low as -20 degrees. Not only do you need a warm ski coat, ski pants and gloves but extremely warm under clothing is also essential. Aside from that, be sure to bring a face mask or neck warmer. It will certainly be needed.


Although Japan is very technologically advanced, do not expect to be able to withdraw money from an ATM at the ski resort because there will not be any there. In order to make a withdraw a 30 minute bus trip is required to access the nearest ATM.

Also, do not expect to be able to use your credit card either. Very few places take this payment method. Yen is all you need.

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