5 Best Things to do in Sydney, Australia

A sleek and modern city by day and a glittering paradise by night – Sydney, Australia entices visitors with its unique and iconic landmarks, relaxed beach culture and natural beauty – there are many great flight deals from around the world, and we recommend you can book flights to Sydney here.

Below we will share some of the finest things to enjoy when visiting this beautiful city.

Snorkelling in Gordon’s Bay

Sydney’s proximity to the sea and superb reefs make delving beneath the waves one of the most rewarding activities for visitors to the city.

Underwater exploration promises a glimpse of rare and colorful species of fish on this 700-metre trail helpfully marked with submerged chains that guide enthralled swimmers along the route.

Visitors can also brush up on their surfing skills at the Manly Surf School, offering fun above the waves and a chance to be a part of Sydney’s beach culture. For those who want to drink in the sun and lie in the sand, Bondi Beach, just east of Sydney, provides a welcome and vibrant respite.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge

While it’s a stunning sight from a distance, the recently-opened Sydney Bridge walk allows visitors a chance to climb to the top of the bridge’s arch for some truly spectacular views out over the city and harbour.

While a minimum level of athleticism is required, this walk is perfectly safe thanks to harnesses provided by the tour’s guides. Once-in-a-lifetime pictures and unique memories make this an absolute must for all adventurous visitors to Australia’s most iconic city.

Take an Eating Tour of the City

Sydney’s a crossroads of dozens of cuisines, from exciting and spicy Southeast Asian meals to unusual Outback specialties and proper British teatime confectionery. Let your taste buds reign supreme and sample the wildly varied dishes the city has to offer.

Boardwalk treats include most tame Australian favorites, while Bush cooking at the Deep Blue Bistro features exotic specialties such as kangaroo ravioli. The city is a veritable wonderland of flavours for adventurous eaters.

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Taronga Zoo

Travellers won’t need to trek into Australia’s wild interior in order to get a glimpse of its unusual Outback creatures. At Taronga Zoo, a vast collection of indigenous species ensures visitors will catch a glimpse of kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, snakes and other species in the shadow of Sydney’s dramatic backdrop.

For families travelling with children, lovers of wildlife or those whose curiosity about Australia’s species is piqued, the zoo makes a valuable and diverting destination.

Shopping in Paddington

Walking tours abound in Sydney; whatever the preference, whether tastes run to the historical, ghostly, architectural or cultural, there’s a tour to match. A good way to truly experience the city, visitors can spend hours or even days soaking in the local culture, exploring little shops and eating local cuisine in hideaway bistros.

Oxford Street in the Paddington section of the city promises exclusive boutiques, unique eateries and the opportunity to people-watch among Sydney’s trend-setters.

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    October 24, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    Pretty good list you have here! There is so much to see and do in Sydney but if you did everything on this list you would have had a great stay no doubt….good for locals and tourists alike.

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    Escape Hunter
    June 10, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    I would certainly climb the Harbour Bridge and I’d walk around in the bay area taking lots and lots of photos of the skyline.

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